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I believe that a living a creative life is one that comes from within us, not to us & we get to decide each step of the way what that will look like.

 i belive that by leaning into your multidimensionality you will unearth your soul's deepest work & go deeper than just creating a "brand" or sharing a "message".

With over 15 years in the healing & creative arts, I am here to support women like to share your work in the world & remember who you came here to be! 



your innate brilliance,

The journey you took to get here,

let's co create your vision & next level into form together! 

I see

I know

the depth of your soul's mission & the profound impact it will have on this world

so you can...

share your life's work & live your soul mission 

support your family & make the money you desire

book your clients, stop playing small,  & confidently share your work in the world

are you ready? Let's go!

My path has led me to leave my plan of being a Special Ed teacher to a BFA in Fine Art, then to leaving a career of working with Autistic children to accepting my shamanic gifts & walking the path of the priestess - healing myself & amazing women through multiple coaching, energy healing, & earth based modalities for the last 15 years to now coming back to the Arts through Web Design weaving all that I have learned & how I facilitate with it. 

 my story

I have danced in the jungles of Costa Rica & returned back to daily life in the suburbs of Philly or wherever my nomadic heart has led me, each time asking myself why I couldn't fit into the "box" like everyone else around me seemed to easily fall into. 

My path in it's essence has been about listening & having the courage to follow that creative whisper within, to say yes to all aspects of myself & my multidimensional soul gifts & talents. To express, to heal, to expand, to continue to push the boundaries of what is expected & what is actually authentic for us all.

The one that I believe we all have, yet few actually listen to.

I no longer ask myself why I don't fit in, I blend together all that I am & the work that I am here to share through that path & creative knowing.

What I know to be true is that you aren't made to fit in, you are here to create a new paradigm of change in only the way that you can- together let's dive deeper & bring it into form

I believe that you have an infinite amount of creative wisdom within you & that by gaining new tools, awareness, & insight into your inner realms you will continuously unearth your soul truth & ultimately your purpose. 

Together we will build your new foundation for your creative expression to thrive & bloom whether that be through Web Design, Art, or exploring the depths of who you are through Flower Essence Apprecticeship, Women's Wisdom Circles & the support of the Flowers, Plants & Earth. 

I'm not here to tell you who you are here to become, I am here to support you in discovering it for yourself. 

I can't wait to get to know you & hear your story


Slow mornings, time in nature, lots of alone time, reading 3 books at a time, traveling, minimalism, and really great abstract art.


Waking up around 6 am with my pup & start my day with
some cacao & a morning yoga class


Dancing in the jungles of Costa Rica, taking pottery classes at the local art center, & snuggling on the couch with my pup Nova

I hold a BFA in Fine Art + Art History, my life's work has been supporting women & children, I was raised by a single mom who is an energy healer & herbalist, & have over 15 years experience in the healing arts. 

I'm a 1/3 Energy Projector in Human Design, Taurus Sun, Cancer Rising, & Scorpio Moon


Sounds good?
We will get along just fine!


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